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The Land Of Stories Book 1
by Chris Colfer

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Very good and exciting

by Caroline Kepnes

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“The only thing crueler than a cage so small that a bird can’t fly is a cage so large that a bird thinks it can fly.” 3.5 stars. This book managed to do so many great things, and I am thoroughly impressed. The prose is incredibly well written, and the details and metaphors used carry throughout the entire novel in a fashion reminiscent of Stephen King. Speaking of King, this book is definitely scary. I would even dare to say horrifying at times. Was it horrifying because of the stalking and murder? No. That’s what was scary. It was horrifying that, at times, Joe seemed logical. I could see why he felt the need to do some of the things he did, and it is horrifying to know that a “normal” person could become what he became. He also provided commentary about today’s society and... it’s hard to disagree with him about a lot of it. The idea for this book is extremely unique, but I could see it being executed immaturely. Fortunately, Caroline Kepnes executed it incredibly. I am in awe of how well she managed to write in the mind of Joe. The narration never sounded like it could have been coming from anyone other than him. Not only did she flesh out the character of Joe, but she did so for Beck as well. I loved that Beck was nearly as flawed as Joe, and it made my head spin as I tried to decide whose fault everything was. It was both alarming and exciting that the decision wasn’t obvious. A wonderful layer added on top of it all. Overall, this was a great thriller and I can’t wait to watch the show on Netflix.

Return of the King
by Tolkien

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Best. Book. Ever! I love literally everything about this book. The wording Tolkien uses is beautiful, and the songs/poems are amazing! Especially in Return of the King, I love seeing the entire war of the ring, and the battle of the pelanor fields!

The Trials Of Apollo - The Hidden Oracle
by Rick Riordan

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Awesome! All series are good by this author, but this one has a lot of creative flavor to it. I recommend it to anybody who loves mythology or just wants to try out a new author.

A Long Pitch Home
by Natalie Dias Lorenzi

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Awesome book!!!!!! This is a great book for anyone who likes adventure and a little bit of baseball. It might look like it is only about baseball but it is not. I highly recommend this book!

I Love You So Mochi
by Sarah Kuhn

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I loved this book. I could really relate to it. It's an adorable love story and Sarah Kuhn did an awesome job writing this

The Night Diary
by Veera Hiranandani

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This was an amazing book!!! It always kept me on the edge of my seat. In this book, Nisha is a half Muslim and Hindu girl who lives during the time when India won its independence from Britian. As a result, Pakistan and India separated. This book shares Nisha's journey of splitting away from her friends, beloved cook, home, and everything that she knew. Read her diary to learn what happens!

12 Before 13
by Lisa Greenwald

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Good Book. Nice story about keeping friendship strong and how to deal with difficult changes. In the second book of the Friendship List series Arianna spends 4 weeks at a summer camp and has the time of her live and makes awesome new friends. When she returns she realizes that a lot has changed in the 4 weeks. People she thought were her friends aren't very nice to her and her dad loses his job. While trying to complete the list before her Bat Mitzvah she and her best friend Kalyan have a falling out. I recommend this book to people who like reading about friendship problems and find out the true you.

by Roald Dahl

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Lion Down
by Stuart Gibbs

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This was an okay book. Normally, I would recommend the FunJungle series to people, but this book wasn't as good as some of the other books. There was a fair share of romance between Summer and Teddy. There are many side mysteries. Overall, it is just not the same quality as the other FunJungle books.

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